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I'm Craig and I own and operate Dogs Body Jobs.

My aim is to complete any task in and around your home or business that you require done.
While I'm based in the Salisbury, Wiltshire area, fully insured and licensed.
Just to note I'm by no means limited to just the Salisbury area.

Below is a non-complete list of services I offer ...

* Transporting valuable items (insured to £10k and a member of AnyVan)
* Garden Services
* Property maintenance
* Paving
* Wood work
* Removals (insured to £10k)
* Clearances (Full Waste License)
* Etc

Recommended Transport Company - Anyvan Accredited Transport Company - Anyvan So click the link at the top and browse over to my Facebook page.
There you can see other projects I have worked on and genuine reviews.
Then give me a call for a chat and quotation.